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Recycle Your Scrap Copper Today

Are you unsure of how or where to sell scrap copper in Perth? There’s a simple solution: call the team at Jacobo & Son. We offer the best prices for your copper scrap, and we can even come to your property to collect whatever you don’t need any more.

Copper is a malleable and ductile metal with very high thermal, electrical conductivity. It’s also resistant to corrosion, meaning it can be used again and again in a range of applications. Most professionals use copper in electrical wires, cables and electronics. Copper wire recycling is vitally important because it prevents unnecessary mining.

Scrap Copper We Accept

At Jacobo & Son, we offer honest, onsite valuations to help you understand how much your copper scrap is worth. There are three main types that can be recycled:

  1. Copper Wire – bright copper wire, shiny wire, uncoated or stripped insulated copper wire
  2. Clean Copper – clean copper pipes, tubes, bars or offcuts (no paint, oil or coats)
  3. Coated Copper – copper pipes, tubes, bars or offcuts that are coated with welding residue, paint or oil

Insulated copper wire is a different kind of recyclable material of its own. The grading and value of this kind of wire depend on how much copper can be recovered during the recycling process. It can usually be found in data and communication cables, household cables, and earth and power cables.

Materials Accepted

We accept a wide range of materials at our recycling centre including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, old appliances, car engines, radiators, air conditioning units and more.

With our metal recycling service, you can reduce wastage and help the environment as well as receive cash for your unwanted items.

Contact Us Today

When it comes to the best cash for scrap Perth can offer, look no further than Jacobo & Son.

Contact our team today to discuss your scrap metal collection requirements. We’ll consider the weight of goods you want to dispose of, as well as the kind and quantity of metals.